IPS is a trustful ecosystem designed to create and manage crypto passive income streams.

The IPS platform was created by a team of experienced developers, financial experts and blockchain enthusiasts. We use highly secure and reliable nodes for PoS protocols, using enterprise-grade hardware to ensure maximum efficiency and security. IPS focuses on blockchain, digital assets and economic research. With the principle of globalization, professionalism, compliance, and diversification, IPS to provide clients with an integrated solution for digital assets that mitigates risk and optimizes capital efficiency. We deliver standards, such as Crypto Currency Security Standard (CCSS) and SOC2, while also working with the trusted brands in the industry. The platform provides complex and diversified investment instruments to provide passive income opportunities to investors.


Ingenico infrastructure

Makes it possible to lend on cryptocurrency markets or allocate any number of coins on MasterNode for our various partners or to start receiving rewards

Platform delegated mechanism

Makes it possible to navigate the complex landscape of digital assets with a connected, interoperable and secure set of solutions

System of payment distribution

Makes it possible to redeem the required coins at the market price in the real-time mode. IPS initiatives range from liquidity-as-a-service to cross-chain incentives programs.


Our experts take advantage of natural market swings by securing profits from overvalued tokens and reinvesting into undervalued tokens to sustain long-term growth


Jeremy Lee

Chief Technology Officer

Jeremy is responsible for strategy, vision and operating execution at IPS. He was co-founded Haystagg, a real-time ad bidding technology start-up, technologist and entrepreneur in residence at General Catalyst. He has more than a decade of experience doing business and working in many IT companies and entrepreneurial communities in both China and the United States.


Richard Bailey

Chief Financial Officer

Richard has experience in corporate finance and financial services, having previously held senior positions at Safehold and McKinsey, been as management consultant at iStar, as strategic advisor at Republic Group and as financial advisor at Lime. He graduated from National University of Singapore with a degree in Finance.


Damien Green

Chief Compliance Officer

Damien leads IPS’s compliance and risk management globally. He has decades of experience working at financial services and FinTech companies such as PayPal, State Street, Flat6Labs and Digital Currency Group. His career started in the Technology M&A Investment Banking Group at Banc of America Securities. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Economics.


Raul Chandhyk

Chief Marketing Officer

Raul leads Marketing and Operating, he is a communications and marketing specialist with more than 10 years of experience in FinTech brand management, integrated marketing and media.


Paolo Harris

Chief Operating Officer

Paolo now serves as COO, overseeing the implementation of long-term, strategic business goals while ensuring effective procedures are in place. He has been consulted with C-suite executives at startups in a variety of verticals, including e-commerce and blockchain innovation for the past 10 years. He obtained his law degree from University of Toronto.


Taylor Presley

General Counsel

Taylor oversees legal and regulatory services for IPS. He has the requisite experience in global financial and regulatory matters. He is a member of the Diem Association, leading interaction and communication with financial industry leaders on the issues and opportunities that stable coins and digital currency provide. He holds a J.D. from Yale Law School.